About Us!!

Established since 2008, Mellowdesigner specializes in branding and promotion. We believe that an idea can transform into a business venture based on visual presentation. In essence shape, color,and space can evoke certain feelings based on how its displayed. We figured out that it is possible to sale a product just by its book cover. No need to worry, that is our job. All we need are your ideas.


We dissect your vision by researching your background. Based on your market, target audience, SWOT analysis, goals, and other marketing principles, we apply the 7 principles of design to your brand.
For example: Most fast food restaurants market red and yellow as their main colors. Believe it or not, this evokes a certain feeling subliminally. When you see those colors together, its normally insinuated with “Slow Down & Stop” or “Hot & Ready”. Businesses use this same tactic to attract customers. Our goal is to help you target the right customers through effective branding.

We created the I.D.E.A. method to help assist our customers in choosing the right branding tools that will take their business to the next level. Click here to learn more