“Now That’s a Great IDEA”


Seeing is believing. From a consumer’s stand point, presentation is everything. Would you buy candy outside of its wrapper, or perfume from a fish market? No need to answer. We have the solution for your business. It is our job to create a face for your product.

“I”dentify Your Market

What do you offer?

Who is your Target Audience?
What is your SWOT Analyst?
What industry does your business fall in?
What products/services do you offer?

“D”esign Icon

We will need to create and identify:

  • Your Logo
  • Company Colors
  • Complementary Symbols
  • Company Name

“E”mphasize Message Through Design

  • Company Motto
  • Company Slogan
  • Company Mission
  • We apply the 7 elements of design
  • We apply logo in designs

“A”pply to Multiple Platforms

  • Fliers | Poster Design
  • Website | Email Blast
  • Social Media
  • Business Cards | Letterhead